How Millstone can serve you...

Construction Management


Construction Management (CM) is a broad term in the development industry, at Millstone, it means that we serve our clients in an expanded management role that goes beyond the work of a typical general contractor and involves managing any stage of the development process.

Acting as CM, Millstone is prepared to help our clients manage any and all phases of the development cycle.  From due diligence and design, to entitlements, through construction and beyond, Millstone is a committed partner capable of managing all of the moving parts and partners that are involved in a development project.

This includes services such as: market studies, design management, pre-development schedule management, entitlement process management (rezoning, permits, etc), construction budget management, construction schedule management, and general contracting.

Call us to see how we can help manage your development from anywhere between development conceptualization to a turn-key, fully delivered, project.

General Contracting


Acting as General Contractor, Millstone Management will review a completed set of engineered drawings and provide a proposal to construct the owner's development.

This proposal can take many forms: a guaranteed maximum price ("at risk bid"), a cost + fee structured proposal ("a cost plus bid"), or any similar structure to accommodate the preferences of our clients.

As "GC" Millstone will provide a construction schedule, a construction budget and schedule of values, and will be responsible for managing all permits, fees, schedules, budgets, billings, work, and inspections to deliver a fully completed project ready for occupancy.

Combined, the managing partners of Millstone Management have over $150M in construction experience and delivered projects ranging from tenant build-outs and remodels, to ground-up self storage and senior living construction.



Millstone Ventures, the development arm of Millstone Management is a fully integrated development company.

Millstone Ventures specializes in identifying development opportunities, acquiring opportunities, designing developments, entitling the opportunity, and delivering a fully developed project ready for leasing and structured for a successful exiting strategy (refinancing for long-term holds or a sale).

If you are an investor looking to deploy capital in a commercial real estate project, please contact us to see what opportunities we are currently pursuing and how we might be able to partner for our next project*.

*all investments come with risks, this service listing is not an offer for inclusion in any specific deal or investment. Terms, disclosures, and agreements are specific to each project per regulations pertaining to investing in and trading in securities (real estate).


Project Phases


Millstone Management helps clients navigate the pre-construction process by offering the following services:


  • Licensed Real Estate Brokers: we can help you locate and acquire the property for your project.​


  • Permitting & Approvals: We will take the lead in acquiring the permits and approvals required by state and local authorities having jurisdiction to construct your project.

  • Site & Building Design: We will work with you to assemble an experienced team of design professionals, or work with your chosen team, to ensure that your project is designed for success.

  • Value Engineering: Working with a knowledge of best construction practices, we will review the project plans and specifications to identify potential value engineering and cost saving opportunities for your consideration.


Fulfilling the typical role of a General Contractor, Millstone Management will provide the following services during the construction phase of your development:


  • Schedule & Budget Management: We will create and implement a schedule and budget for the project designed to meet your goals.


  • General Contracting: We will leverage our network of subcontractors and material suppliers to execute the construction of your project per the project design.


  • Job Site Supervision: With daily on-site supervision, we will guide the construction of your project to encourage efficiencies and to complete the project on budget and on schedule.


  • Job Cost Accounting: We will provide project level job cost accounting to meet your needs.


Upon completing construction, Millstone Management will provide the information and support your team needs to begin operations in the new building:


  • Construction Warranty: We provide a 12-month warranty covering construction defects.


  • As-Built Drawings: we will provide the facility with a set of as-built construction drawings upon project completion.


  • Product & Warranty Info: We will provide the facility with product and warranty information for all installed materials and equipment.​


  • In-Service Training: We will coordinate training sessions as needed between our contractors and suppliers and your staff on the operations of all building systems.